helloworld travel Volleyroos Coach Mark Lebedew Reaction

It was another giant leap forward for the Helloworld Travel Volleyroos fighting hard to beat Germany in five sets at the FIVB Volleyball Nations League over the weekend after going down to hosts Canada and the USA.

Australia coach Mark Lebedew says “We continue to improve. We started each match well, either winning or nearly winning the first set. Which was a big focus for the weekend.”

“Maintaining that initial level of play for longer is the lesson going forward. In each match we had a drop off after the first set, but finished strongly. Our goal this week will be to play from start to finish”

“It takes a really big turnaround in this kind of competition, which has a lot of travel stress. The guys did an amazing job, not just the guys on the court but the guys on the bench gave a lot of energy. Sometimes you need to have all 14 guys.

“I think it’s a reflection of the kind of guys we have. As a group, the guys are open and friendly and interacting with people. On the court, we don’t always succeed but we try to fight with a lot of emotion and fight for every point. The crowd really understands when they see a team that’s really playing at their maximum and they can see that with our guys. That helped get the crowd on our side when we’re a long way from home.

“My personal belief is that you play better when you’re having fun. When you have some kind of relaxed attitude, you think more clearly, you move more clearly. When we don’t play as well, it’s normally when we’re thinking about other external things. In the moment of the game, when we’re just completely immersed in the game is when we play our best.”

The coach added that finishing the campaign in front of a home crowd in Melbourne is keeping the team motivated “We just can't wait to get home and see our friends and show all of the Australian volleyball community how we have improved since they last saw us.” Said Lebedew.

Tickets are on sale through Ticketek for Melbourne’s Hisense Arena June 22-24.