Spikezone relaunched for new generations of young volleyballers

Volleyball Australia is pleased to announce the re-launch of its entry-level Volleyball program - Spikezone.

Spikezone is Volleyball Australia’s modified version of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball designed especially to increase participation opportunities for primary and early secondary school students aged between 8 and 13 years.

The Spikezone brand has a long history in Australia from its beginnings in Adelaide in the 1980s, where it was first launched for primary school mini Volleyball development and competitions.

Kids playing Spikezone Volleyball experience a fun and exciting introduction to Volleyball through modified learn and play opportunities. As kids progress through Spikezone Learn to Play courses and competitions, they then have the opportunity to continue playing Volleyball in local high schools and junior Volleyball clubs.

The new Spikezone website can be found at www.spikezone.com.au

Special features on the website include a National 'Where to Play' map and associated contact form which integrates with each State Spikezone Coordinator via their respective State Volleyball Association. The 'Where to Play' map incorporates all current and recent venues where Spikezone and Spikezone Schools (aka Sporting Schools) activities are held. This is a great resource for interested parents looking for their nearest centre and also serves the sport as a guide for where to develop new Spikezone Centres in the future.

Mathieu Meriaux CEO at Volleyball Australia said "We're very excited to be re-launching our Spikezone website. Spikezone represents the starting point for our future Volleyball players and coaches. Whether they aspire to be future Volleyroos or continue their participation through clubs and schools, we're confident Spikezone will give them a fun and active introduction to Volleyball that will encourage them to continue in the sport for many years to come."

Rebecca Walter, Participation Director at Volleyball Australia said "The website is fantastic, it is interactive, informative and will support our goal of increasing exposure and participation of volleyball. The interactive map is enlightening, showing us where volleyball is and has been played. It will show aspiring volleyballer’s where participation opportunities are offered and also provides Volleyball Australia with an indication of our participation footprint and more importantly areas for focused targeted development.”

For more information about Spikezone activities, including how to start a new centre, please contact Rebecca Walter at Volleyball Australia or your local State Spikezone Coordinator via the contact from on this page: http://spikezone.com.au/about/contact-us/