Significant increase in students playing volleyball in schools through Volleyball Australia’s Spikezone program

Volleyball Australia’s involvement in a Federal Government funded Sporting Schools Program has resulted in a significant growth in the number of school-aged participants in the sport.

Data from the 2019 Sporting Schools Program has revealed that 26,507 students participated in VA’s Spikezone in both primary and secondary schools across Australia.

This compares with 10,760 in 2017, although these figures reflect the involvement of primary school students only.

From Term 2 2019, Spikezone was accepted into the secondary school delivery of the Sporting Schools Program in addition to primary schools where Spikezone has been delivered since 2016.

Over the past 12 months, Volleyball Australia has invested in promotion and educational resources to continue to diversify options and promote Spikezone within school sports programs in both primary and secondary schools.

Volleyball Australia’s National Participation Manager Rebecca Walter says a lot of work has been put into making Spikezone accessible; “This investment, along with a significant piece of work from our member states, paired with our brand new teacher resource pack, has streamlined a direct line of communication with our deliverers, coaches and teachers alike and has dramatically increased the number of deliverable programs and participants.”