Recommended sport response to COVID-19

To: Australian Volleyball Community

From: Andrew Dee, CEO – Volleyball Australia

Date: 20 March 2020

Topic: Recommended sport response to COVID-19  

Further to the advice dated 17 March 2020, VA has been asked to clarify the situation with regard to gathering sizes and the implications for indoor and outdoor activities.

Indoor Events

Non-essential indoor gatherings of greater than 100 people (including staff) will no longer be permitted from Wednesday 18 March 2020.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor gatherings of fewer than 500 attendees may proceed. There are general measures that all events should follow, including:

  • In a given occupied space, there must be no more than one person per four square metres of ground space.
  • Availability of hand hygiene products and suitable waste receptacles, with frequent cleaning and waste disposal.



To: Australian Volleyball Community

From: Andrew Dee, CEO – Volleyball Australia 

Date: 17 March 2020

Topic: Recommended sport response to COVID-19  


Volleyball Australia, in partnership with its State and Territory Associations, wishes to recommend the following actions in relation to the conduct of volleyball activities and events.

As you are all aware, information concerning COVID-19 is evolving constantly. This morning, the Prime Minister and Federal Chief Medical Officer announced new transmission control measures that will inform the decisions we need to make in relation to our operations, activities and events as a sport.

The health and safety of our athletes, staff and volunteers is paramount and as such we will endeavour to be as up to date as possible and act in accordance with State and Federal Government advice as it happens.

Volleyball Australia in partnership with the FIVB recently took the decision to cancel the FIVB World Tour 3 Star Gold Coast Open at Coolangatta Beach having regard to travel bans globally and the increasing pressure of COVID19 on all our stakeholders.Fortunately, our Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships has successfully concluded today and with the support of our State Associations, coaches, athletes, guardians and parents of our future Olympic hopefuls.Sadly, our inaugural Australian Beach Volleyball Schools Championships was cancelled earlier this week.We thank all States and affiliate partners and the Queensland Government for their support at Gold Coast Volleyslam 2020 which was otherwise an amazing success for our sport.

In response to the increased control measures announced this morning, particularly concerning social distancing and the public gathering limit being reduced to 100 being imposed from tomorrow, Volleyball Australia recommends that all formal training, competitions, functions and activities of a similar nature are assessed in line with the risk assessment considerations outlined in the Federal Sports Minister’s release (attached) and either cancelled or postponed until at least 30 April 2020 accordingly.

While we acknowledge that the ultimate decision regarding the degree to which this recommendation is followed is the responsibility of association, club and event officials/owners, it is important that we all act wisely in the public health interests of the broader community. Major participation sports like volleyball and beach volleyball are important to the social fabric of our society encouraging ongoing physical activity so vital for the ongoing mental and physical well being of us all.

In this regard, a briefing by the Federal Sports Minister today advised that non-contact sports, particularly those played outdoors, should remain available to the community if they are able to meet the risk mitigation measures such as remaining at home if you are not well, social distancing, handwashing and the coughing protocol.

Volleyball Australia is also mindful of programs it conducts in partnership with the AIS and State Institutes of Sport. Given the specific nature and operating environments of these training and development programs, we will consider the ongoing operation of these on a case by case basis and will defer to the expertise of the relevant state health officers and local government partners in each case.

Finally, due to the uncertainty regarding travel restrictions, insurance limitations and the lead time required to arrange its national and international activities, Volleyball Australia has postponed all national camps, meetings, functions and international tours until further notice.

Future Advice

Volleyball Australia and State Volleyball Associations will consider further measures as information unfolds from health authorities and will regularly monitor any changes in the situation.

We will continue to review our position and will update the volleyball community via regular updates on our website.

Links to Government health and WHO advice is listed below:

World Health Organisation:

Australian government:

NSW Health:

QLD Health:

VIC Health:

WA Health:

SA Health:

TAS Health:

We thank you for your patience at this time and appreciate your concerns, however, please be mindful that as an organisation we will continue to take the advice of the State Government, Department of Health, the World Health Organisation and will make preparations based on that advice. 

Finally, please avoid taking notice of the wild announcements and varied opinions being distributed on social media unless they are coming from a reputable source. The above links will provide the most up to date and pertinent advice we all need to make informed decisions about our sport and its activities in the coming period.

We will continue to review our position and will update the volleyball community accordingly.