Clancy drops the Grenada!

Australia's Taliqua Clancy and Mariafe Artacho del Solar have already won the hearts and minds of fans at these Commonwealth Games but they were looking to continue their red hot start to this tournament against Grenada. 

The countdown, the music and the smoke had the crowd pumping pre match but once the smoke cleared the popular Aussie pair of Clancy and Artacho del Solar went to work at what they do best and boy what a job they did on Grenada in the first set showing no mercy with all out attack, taking just 11 minutes to win the set 21-2.

Clancy was simply world class in all facets of the game, her jump serving was unstoppable powering down 7 aces for the match, her power and finesse game were also on show with 14 from 14 attacking winners that just kept the points flowing Australia’s way.

But this is a team of two and and Mariafe Artacho del Solar played her role today also to perfection, the pair showing why they are the team to beat for the Gold medal.

The second set was a little more of a contest as Grenada found some points but the set took just 3 minutes longer than the first for a straight sets victory in total match time of just 25 minutes to the Aussies 21-2, 21-11.

The Aussie men had a day off today, they will pay their second pool match tomorrow (Sunday) at 12.30pm against Saint Kitts and Nevis while the women are back on show tomorrow night for their final pool match against Scotland at 9.30pm.

Photos thanks to Michael Wilson