2021 Australian Volleyball Academy Homestay Families Needed

Volleyball Australia (VA) is currently looking for homestay families to host interstate school-age male and female athletes relocating to Canberra to participate in the Australian Volleyball Academy (AVA) program from January 2021.

Benefits of being a Homestay Family
The homestay family offers a safe, supportive environment that provides stability for the player, allowing them to focus his/her efforts on their volleyball and academic achievement. The family that provides this home base for the player is called the host family.


Being a host family can be a wonderful opportunity to build a lasting relationship with a talented and dedicated young athlete. It allows you to learn more about the game of volleyball from the perspective of the player and their unique position on the team. It offers you an opportunity to see someone grow in confidence and ability over a very short period of time and follow their career as they move to higher levels with national teams, overseas colleges or to professional clubs in Europe.


Host families are vital to the success of our Homestay program. It is important that VA and host families work together and set high standards for the players to achieve, to ensure the success of the program.

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