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International Men's Beach Volleyball, with a 4 Nation Series between Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Austria


Monday 20th           TEAMS
18:00   AUS def  JPN 2:0  
19:00   NZL def  AUT 2:0 AUSTRALIA
            Chris McHugh/Damien Schumann
Tuesday 21st            
12:00   NZL def JPN 2:0 NEW ZEALAND 
13:00   AUS def AUT 2:0 Rene Kapa/Morgan Seymour
18:00   JPN v AUT   JAPAN
19:00   AUS v NZL   Yoshiumi Hasegawa/Masato Kurasaka
Wednesday 22nd           AUSTRIA
18:00   3rd v 4th   Lucas Skrabal/Felix Friedl
19:00   1st v 2nd    


ABVT Finals

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Technical Meeting for the Tour Finals will be at 6:45am and 1st games at 8am on Friday the 24th March.