ABVT Entry Information

Entry Fee - $220 per team  -  Entries are now Closed

All teams wishing to participate in the ABVT finals will need to nominate via the online entry form.  Any teams that are unsuccessful in qualifying for the top 24 Main Draw competition will be provided a full refund of their team nomination after the end of the tournament.

Entry Fee includes the provision of 2 playing tops per player.  Please note that teams are required to provide their own matching playing shorts/bottoms.

Technical Meeting for the Tour Finals will be at 6:45am and 1st games at 8am on Friday the 24th March.

The following is an excerpt from the Players Handbook:  The full Player Handbook can be found under the Beach tab on the VA website.


2.3.1 The Event Organiser for the ABVT Finals is Volleyball Australia.

2.3.2 The ABVT Finals will be ratted according to the ABVRS found here - http://www.beachvolleyballtour.com.au/abvrs

2.3.3 The Australian Tour finals will consist of a 24 team Main draw competition with no Qualification tournament.

2.3.4 Qualification will be:

4 International wild cards

4 Australian wild cards

10 teams - 1st place & runner up from each State Open.

6 top teams not yet qualified based on the combined individual results of the 5 State Opens.

Note: If a team qualifies at multiple State Opens, then the extra position/s will be taken by the next ranked team not already qualified based on combined individual results. I.E. not the 3rd place at a State Open

2.3.5 Tournament will be played in pools, followed by a single elimination phase.

Note: The TOC reserves the right to amend the playing format based on the number of entries received and the playing conditions available during the tournament.

2.3.6 An Australian player teaming up with an International Player will be classed as an International Team and need to apply for an International Wild Card If an International player has played in more than 50% of State Open Events, they will be classified as an Australian player for the purposes of qualification. They will not be able to apply for an Australian or International Wild Card.

2.3.7 An International player is one who:

Has not lived in Australia for at least two years.

Does not have a permanent resident visa.

Has competed in a Beach Volleyball or Volleyball event/competition for another country in the past 2 years.

2.3.8 A team wishing to apply for any Wild Card must submit a letter to baz.wedmaier@avf.org.au including details on your current playing experience, any national or international rankings, a clearance form your National Federation (for international players) and any other relevant information to support your inclusion. All applications must be received by the 20th February 2017.

Teams Qualified through the State Open events highlighted in Greeb Bold Text:


Event Women 1st Place Women 2nd Place
NSW Open Michaela Vorlova / Christie Jenkins Becharra Palmer / Nikki Laird
SA Open Becchara Palmer / Phoebe Bell Nikki Laird / Louise Bawden
Qld Open Becchara Palmer / Phoebe Bell Michaela Vorlova / Lucia Michalovicova
WA Open Katie Bartoli / Christie Jenkins Sarah Battaglene / Stephanie Weiler
Vic Open Yupa Phukrongploy / Lauri Luijken Michaela Vorlova / Lucia Michalovicova



Event Men 1st Place Men 2nd Place
NSW Open Cole Durant / Zachery Schubert Damien Schumann / Justin Schumann
SA Open Casey Grice / Bart Bolsterlee Cole Durant / Zachery Schubert
Qld Open Sven Vismans / Bart Bolsterlee Ondrej Hromadko / Ivan Reka
WA Open Cole Durant / Zachery Schubert Jayson Fox / Mark Van Winsen
Vic Open Casey Grice / Bart Bolsterlee Bradley Fullerton / Paora Morungu